Foam machine, WHAT?!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link and make a purchase, I make a commission but it is not an added cost to you and it supports my family, so THANK YOU!

Ok gang, the summer has arrived in south Louisiana and this year, we have something pretty dang amazing to do outside! I am so excited about this new outside toy I can hardly contain it. We bought a FOAM MACHINE!

Every year we put up an Intex pool and we love it. Last year our pool was in pretty bad shape at the end of the season so we tossed it with the intention of replacing it this year, however when it was time to buy one the prices had skyrocketed out of my budget. I was actually pretty sad about this because we play in our pool all summer long and it gets extremely hot outside so having a pool means the kids play outside without arguing. Not having a pool meant the summer was going to be missing our preferred fun activity.

That pouting fest quickly shifted to elation when we stumbled upon this little guy the other day. I knew it was worth a shot at only $180 so I purchased it and hoped for the best. Check it out here.

The entire kit comes in a brightly colored bin for easy storage and its very easy to put together. I didn’t realize it comes with one bottle of foam solution in the kit so I added two more to my cart just in case. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized I had so much extra to last a few extra times.

I put down a tarp for extra slippery sliding and put the whole thing together in about 15 minutes total. We turned it on and held our breath expecting it to almost certainly fall short of our expectations. I should note at this point that I did not read one review before I purchased. That is TOTALLY out of character.

We heard the foam machine start up and within seconds foam was flowing out in giant ribbons of bubbles and it was glorious! We could not believe how much it was producing. My kids were in heaven! When we noticed the machine was no longer making bubbles we shut it off and they played for hours.

The bubble mountain produced from one bottle of solution was taller than me at 5’6″ and took up two tarps. It really was amazing. They ran and slid and “swam” for a couple hours while I sprayed everyone with the hose.

I think going forward we will cut the foam concentrate a bit and make it spread over more play times. It made way more than we needed for the afternoon of fun but for a larger party one bottle would be perfect.

The bubbles floated up in clouds and then after a few hours they were all gone and the yard dried up easily. I let the machine sit in the sun to dry before packing it up and putting it away in the bin.

We can’t wait for more summer fun with the foam machine. This was a total win!

Foam machine in action seconds after turning it on.

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