Perpetual Poppycock 4

Dear Perpetual Poppycock,

Its a new year! 2021 is off to a good start and I’m excited to see what it has in store. I am setting my expectations pretty low, but have some pretty exciting goals lined up. I’ve always been one to aim low and always be impressed rather than aim high and always be disappointed. Ha, thats probably another neuroses I need to explore, but for now it serves me so I keep doing it.

Before I launch into my new exciting goals, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank 2020 and bid it farewell. The past year was exceptional on so many levels. The pandemic changed everything and not all of it was for the bad. I finally lived my dream of working from home AND was given the opportunity to homeschool my kids. Both of those tasks were wonderful and I hope, hope, hope to continue them!

We were all forced to slow down and find simple pleasures around us. We connected with neighbors, cherished our loved ones, and found happiness in less. All of this was a very positive experience for me and my family. I rarely felt deprived or punished by the quarantine and only suffered a manageable amount of anxiety as I learned to navigate the new world armed with a mask and sanitizer.

The sad parts of 2020 did not overshadow my grateful heart. I’m alive and my family is healthy. The pandemic, election drama, and unknown economical terrain are not what I will remember most about 2020 but they were the catalyst I needed to clearly see my priorities. Thank you 2020 for the opportunity to live and learn!

Now onto a new day! Here are my 2021 goals in no specific order:

  • Go back to my therapist – I know I need a good bit of help with clearing up my scattered thoughts and perspective so I’m going to invest a little money in my mental health to insure the rest of my goals are given a chance to thrive. Perpetual poppycock is real and tends to roadblock my forward momentum. This one thing will go a long with with making sure I am self aware enough to overcome whatever I do to sabotage those efforts.
  • Keep blogging – I have wanted to blog for a long time. I plan to make this a priority and even launch a couple niche blogs to highlight topics that I’m excited about.
  • Body power up – I love to exercise. It has always been a pleasure and not a chore for me, yet I tend to let it get pushed to the bottom of my list every day. This year I want to keep it towards the top in order to feel better and stronger. Getting the pep back in my step is important to me. And as a small side goal, it would be nice to be able to run 1 mile without stopping.
  • Paying off bad debt – I am within 12 months of paying off my bad debt. This has been a long road to whittle down the 80k of debt we had but its one I’m proud of traveling and have learned A LOT from. This will be one of my niche blogs. Debt and budgeting are a language I’m fluent in and have navigated for years. I want to share all I’ve learned.
  • Cooking videos – Ok, ok, I know I am so late to the game but I LOVE the cooking videos on YouTube and want to make some! This will also be a niche blog and just a fun way for me to share some of my favorite recipes.
  • Launch a product line – I know I’ve already mentioned this but I’ve started a business with my siblings. We have two product ideas we want to bring to the market and this will be the year that happens.

That list gives me the tummy tickles. I’m so excited to get going on all of it. I hope to continue to homeschool my kids for the foreseeable future and continue working from home for the awesome company thats employed me for the last 20 years. I would be so grateful for that.

Wish me luck! 2021 will be a year for the books…or blogs as it were.

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