Remove the illusions of obstacles and just do it, already

I love to exercise. I love to work up a sweat and move. Some of you are tempted to stop reading right now because you are the exact opposite and believe I should be committed after those two sentences, but this concept I’m about to go over can be applied to anything, not just exercise. So please keep reading!

Every day I have the desire to exercise. My body feels better when I make movement a part of my routine but the benefits don’t stop with the physical. It clears my mind and helps me synthesize my thoughts and emotions. Doing this one thing for myself a day allows me the feeling of accomplishment. I love exercise and see its value, however that does not mean that I have found a way to remove the mental gymnastics it takes to get past the perpetual poppycock obstacles that often get in the way of the rewards I reap when I exercise.

Perpetual poppycock can get in the way of anything you want to do, even the most loved and satisfying to-do’s on your list. Exercise highlights this for me very well so I’m using it as an example here but you could replace it with writing, reading, cleaning, shopping, etc. and the concept is the same. If you are dealing with perpetual poppycock you know exactly what I mean. The reasons and excuses you can’t do the thing you really want to do seem to rain down from above like Niagara Falls!

You don’t have time to exercise. You should be cleaning the bathroom instead. You don’t have a gym membership so exercise isn’t as affective. You aren’t sure what exercises are the absolute best to do so you shouldn’t bother doing anything at all. You are not strong enough to do those exercises without hurting yourself. You don’t have the right gear to exercise. You aren’t wearing the right shoes. You will look like a ding dong if you exercise outside. You don’t have enough room to exercise inside. Your kids might interrupt you during your routine. The list goes on, and on, and on. All of these reasons stand in the way from you and good feelings of physical exertion and success you will feel if you just do it already!

I know, so well, how crippling it can be to deal with the thoughts that stand in the way of you actually doing the things you want to do and living the life you want to live. I’ve been letting these thoughts stop me my entire life. Its been a struggle and I’ve let decades go by with that same record playing in my head. But no more! This blog is about overcoming those thoughts and beating the cycle! Making a different choice, one moment at a time is all it takes to baby step my way out of the insanity.

This morning I was able to do three sets, of three arm exercises, in my pjs, while waiting for the coffee to brew. Oh, and I also fit in 10 minutes of floor yoga stretches before that! This would normally be IMPOSSIBLE! Exercise, in my pjs? No way, that isn’t the right attire. Lift weights in the kitchen with only a few minutes to get it done? Heck no! That isn’t going to make a difference so why even bother. Do some yoga without watching an instructor to make sure you are doing a good routine and using the correct flow? What, are you crazy?! Everyone knows that yoga is only legit if you do it with an instructor.

Blah! That is all crap! Before that perpetual poppycock got the best of me, I started the coffee and walked straight over to grab a set of dumbbells. I let my thoughts be, “something is better than nothing”, and “bad things won’t come from standing here doing a few sets while I wait so why not?” And with that, I was able to spend about 12-15 minutes doing something that makes me feel good and gives me that baby step it takes to complete the marathon. It was a total success and I’m starting the day with a sense of accomplishment.

The point is, if I let the thoughts start, they will take my gumption and hijack my day. Those thoughts are not trying to help me in any way. They are simply a barrier between me and my best life. Stopping the perpetual poppycock from robbing me of this is my plan.

Exercise is one example, but it applies to everything for me. Even writing this blog is a challenge. I have to work hard to beat all the thoughts that try to tell me to give up or not try. I’m currently fighting a 7 year old boy who has interrupted me at lease a dozen times in this one paragraph! It would be so easy for me to just shut this laptop down and jump every time he says “mommy”, but I’m determined to complete this post. 🙂

My point is, dealing with perpetual poppycock is exhausting but you don’t have to beat it all right now. Just try one moment at a time and you’ll start to see progress if you can keep the wheels on the track more often than not. No one is perfect, but we can strive for the things we want and the efforts will have results. Good results. Keep trying!

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