So I’m a Pampered Chef now

I’m one of those people who can’t leave well enough alone. I just can’t sit still. If I have free time, I fill it up with work. It’s not something that I can explain. I just like to be busy.

I also always fancied myself an eventual success but I’ve never quite pulled it off. Do you ever do that? Do you ever feel like you are meant for more? I really feel, deep down in my bones, that one day it will happen and I will have the money to do what I want to for my family and parents. Oh to dream…

My job pays a decent income but its not enough to allow us to save or plan for upcoming, surprise expenses. So I am always looking for a side hustle that will magically take that fantasized success and make it my reality.

I’ve had a bookkeeping business, a jewelry business, and marketed for a wellness company. I actually still do the bookkeeping and the wellness company but neither have brought me much in the way of financial freedom so they are just on an as needed basis. That leads me to today. Today I am a Pampered Chef.

A couple weeks ago I applied to Waitr, who promptly turned me down despite a clean driving record and a reliable mode of transportation. As a response to that rejection, I messaged the only person I know who is a Pampered Chef and signed up without having been to a show in roughly 10 years. Speaking in terms of my perpetual poppycock treatment alone, I would call this a huge improvement. I did not give it one thought, much less a second thought. I jumped right in and even bought the biggest kit. Oy.

I enjoy the cooking and the presentations. I love food so that’s a bonus. The only thing that is a struggle, of course, is getting customers. I am working the business. I am asking people every day. I am having some small successes but I am definitely not killing it financially. You can check out my Pampered Chef site and my Facebook page here.

My launch party was pretty much a flop. I loved my friends who came and really enjoyed the presentation and camaraderie but I ended up ordering $150 of products to get me over the minimum $200 you need to qualify as a show. This defeated any income I would have made so thats a bummer.

Since then I’ve had 5 more shows. Three of them are virtual and the other 2 have been in person. All have made it to $200 in orders but thats it. I’m hoping to start seeing my average go up as I get better at presenting but as of now, its not that great.

I know I sound pretty down about it but I’m really not. I am putting this out to the world because I am actually excited about the possibility. I am setting my goal on qualifying for the Disney trip 2019. Its a trip for 4 to Disney World. I am determined to earn it. It will be hard. It will require a lot of work. It will likely cause marital strife, but mark my words. I will earn it!

And if I do, along the way, I hope to pay off a large part of this debt we carry around. Wouldn’t that be something.

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