I took off my Fitbit

Its been approximately 3 days since I took off my Fitbit.

First of all, I took the Fitbit off because it started glitching on me, regularly. As you all know, I started a walking challenge a couple months ago and put on the Fitbit as a way to keep myself accountable. You can read about that here.  I have one of the first generation Fitbits that just displays 5 small lights to tell you when you’ve hit each 2000 steps with the end goal being 10k steps in a day. I found this to be a very helpful tool and really enjoyed earning each light during the day.

For me, the accountability was crucial. It really kept me focused on making sure I got in every step before I laid down at night. If I had been guessing, I feel confident in saying that I would have guessed wrong at least 75% of the time. So having this little tracker present with me at all times was a big part of my success in that personal challenge.

In the last week, the Fitbit started failing me. I would walk the same distance I had the previous day but the tracker would not log the steps. For example, the block I live on is equal to 1/2 a mile. So 2 laps equals 1 mile. I can walk out and do 10 laps to get in my 10k steps and did so on a number of occasions, but in the last week that started only giving me 1,000 steps total. Or at the end of a very active day, the Fitbit would only have two lights lit up. This was very false.

I did a test to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind by installing Stepz app on my phone and carrying it at all times for a few days. The difference was noted. It was clear that the Fitbit was not accurately tracking anymore. I did a little research and really didn’t find anything conclusive to act on, as a way to fix it. So, long story short, I’ve taken it off. Eek!

I have to admit, it was pretty disappointing. I really did enjoy the confirmation and celebration of knowing I had been active during my days. I knew it made some big changes in my health and I really don’t want to take any steps backward now. Yet here I am, without my Fitbit, still being active. How can that be? Is anyone truly active if its not documented in some way? The answer is, YES!

I am happy to say that over the course of the last two months, I’ve learned how to incorporate enough activity into my day to make sure that I get my 10k steps. I have even enjoyed the break of constantly checking to see where I was on my daily goal.

For me,  5 miles generally equals 10k steps. I think most people have the same results but for me it was clearly my average for earning all 5 lights on the Fitbit. I know that if I get in 5 miles of activity a day, I’ve met my goal. My new mode of operation is to get in 5 miles and then all steps over that during the day are lagniappe! So far, so good.

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