Didn’t meet goal today…queue the head games

Today was the first day that I didn’t meet my goal. I have been walking 10k or more Image-1 (3)every day for two weeks, working towards a goal of 10k steps a day for 30 days. Today, I did not meet my daily goal, and here is where I really have to fight through the perpetual poppycock that is about to try and derail my personal challenge.

If you are new here let me explain perpetual poppycock. Perpetual poppycock is the endless thought process that happens to me every time I attempt to do something different or try something new. For example, if I wanted to try eating fruit for breakfast, my thoughts would go down a rabbit hole of questions and research that would ultimately end in me never eating fruit for breakfast. In short, perpetual poppycock is the head game that my brain plays to try and keep me from being who I want to be or living how I want to live. Its obnoxious.

So here I am, two weeks into my challenge, and I’ve failed for one day. Normally this break in my progress would be the end for whatever thing I was trying to do. The thought would go something like, well I tried but now that I’ve failed this one day out of 30, I will just stop because it was hard anyway and I really just want to be healthy without putting forth any effort or trying, at all. From that moment on, I would stop walking all together and pretend that my 30 day personal challenge was not a big deal and that my blood pressure is going to come down on its own without having to work at it.

I’m going to try and keep this train on its tracks hard, and step one is posting this out for all to see, acknowledging that I need to keep going. So, check that box off! Step one to staying on track is complete.

Step two is praising myself for the steps I did take that day. I DID take 8,625 steps! That is amazing considering that before this challenge I was averaging something like 3000. Wow, what progress! Check this box off the list. Step two feels really good and I’m super proud of those 8,625 steps.

Step three is waking up tomorrow and putting on my FitBit. I am not committing to anything beyond that. Tomorrow will take care of itself if I wake up and put on my FitBit, just like I have done everything other day, and take my first step of the day. This will be important for me mentally, to continue on like its business as usual. In order to break the cycle of being a quitter, I have to take my first step, literally and metaphorically.

Wish me luck guys! I am 2/3rds through the steps of breaking through my first roadblock.

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